GMO stands for genetically modified organism and includes plants, animals, and microorganisms.  When one of the organisms is modified, it means that a new protein or gene is being introduced to change the genetic makeup. Sounds extremely dull, but really it’s not. When these new genes or proteins  are added, it makes crops that are more resistant to droughts, diseases, and use less pesticides. New genes can not only be transferred from plant to plant, but also genes from non- plant organisms can also be used (gross, right?) This cross breeding creates “super- food” that is supposed to lower costs for farmers on chemicals and pesticides. In the United States, the use of these organisms is continually on the rise.

While the use of such crops initially meant to only lower costs, the continued research shows that just like diseases in humans, the crops continue to grow resistant to the added genes. The resistance has added pressure to the company’s creating these seeds. The big league, Monsanto, is continually producing new seeds that need more modifying and more engineering, such as, the new seed “Terminator“. Farmers can plant the seed, but in order for the new effects to take place, they must spray chemicals on the crop. So, now you will not only be eating genes not natural to the food, but also loads of chemicals to get it like that. What ever happened to planting the seed and hoping for the best?