Alfalfa Sprouts and YOU!

If you keep up with the latest in the food world, then you probably have heard about what is happening with the alfalfa sprouts. If not, then you probably have no clue what I’m talking about and wonder why you should even care. Keep reading and I will tell you why.

Alfalfa sprouts are “the fourth largest crop, in terms of acreage, grown in the United States behind corn, soybeans, and wheat” (Green Talk). It has many uses such as crop cover, since it is so rich in nutrients, and creating more homes for wildlife. If you are not a big of fan of eating alfalfa sprouts, that does not mean that they still don’t affect you.

Cattle is generally fed hay, which, according to Green Talk, will still produce good beef and a good profit. The best feed for cattle, however, is alfalfa. Therefore, if something were to happen to alfalfa your hamburgers, your milk, your cheese, your yogurt, your favorite steak, or quite possibly your ice cream might all be affected.

Well, be prepared. In two days, March 3, 2010, a decision will be made on the safety of genetically engineered alfalfa sprouts by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) only after being sued by the Center for Food Safety (CFS) for originally approving the crop before proper analysis ( The analysis, which is known as the environmental impact statement (EIS), was first released December 14, 2009 and is open for comment until, as I said earlier, March 3. This analysis is the first ever done on a GE engineered crop and as such will have “broad implications for all GE crops” (   

The problem is that if the GE crop gets approved, there will be no way to regulate it with the standards that are set in place now. In the documents required for the lawsuit against the USDA “the Court found that contamination had already occurred in the fields of several Western states” ( As mentioned in the Percy Schmeiser vs. Monsanto post, there are also other ways a non- GE crop can be contaminated such as wind, pollination, and bad practices. Because of this, the once safe alternative, organic foods, will no longer be safe.  Alfalfa may no longer be able to be found without having been genetically modified.

If this bothers you, you should do something! Go to this site and find out where to send your comments. The USDA said that there is no evidence supporting the fact that consumers care about organic crops becoming contaminated with GMO’s. You have the opportunity to prove them wrong and delay the onset of GE crops until further testing has been completed.