Who’s hungry?

When my family gets together, it is never without it. When I want to catch up with friends, you are sure to find it. As much as I hate to admit, it is there when I’m bored, lonely, and you can bet a pint of it when I’m sad. Dependable? Always. Satisfying? Without a doubt.  Anthony Bourdain, a chef and fabulous writer, once said while on Real Time with Bill Maher that it is something we all have in common even with the most unlikely suspects. Who is it?


Food; the sustenance of living, the fuel to get you through the day, the best host of the party, and an afternoon pick me up. But something is happening to our food without many of us noticing. We are grabbing pre- packaged, processed, pesticide pervaded snacks. Everyday, people are altering our food supply to pack in more nutrients, more vitamins, more minerals however today it stands that our fruit and vegetables contain less of any of these necessities than ever before. What has happened?

The dinner bell is ringing and it’s time to figure out what we are eating before someone makes that decision for us. I want the right to choose. Don’t you?



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