Toxicity in GMO corn? Who knows!

Monsanto, the leading business in the biotechnology world, funds many schools research programs. In 2006 alone they gave out an estimated $11.9 million in grants. The money is in turn used for further research, new equipment, education programs, and the like. Unfortunately, because of this funding they are also have the power to decide what is being released to the public and what is kept low- key of the research that takes place.

In an article entitled “Strong Suspicions of Toxicity in One GMO Corn” Stephanie Foucart details how Greenpeace, an independent environmental campaign organization, worked to get an 1,000 page document entailing a study performed on rats that were given MON 863, a “transgenic corn invented by Monsanto”. The corn had been and still is in the center of controversy because of the lack of proper testing and knowledge on the long- term side effects. What was found in this study is a little ominous.

Although side effects differed for the male and female rats, the damage was found in their liver and kidneys. Female rats saw in increase in blood fat and sugar levels, while males were the very opposite- a decline in body and kidney weight. Monsanto had ruled out any possible threat because the rats reacted differently, yet a scientist who reviewed the study noted that “the liver, for example, is an organ that reacts differently as a function of sex” (if this is really all too much, take a humor break).

Unfortunately, because the study only took place over a 90 day time span, it is hard to draw any conclusions at all. One would think that an issue as large as what we’re putting into our bodies would take the news, but unfortunately GMO’s have taken to the back-burner and as of right now “there is no public budget for conducting this type of research”.  Until then, we are all left to wonder. Was it the MON 863 that led the rats to have liver and kidney failure? Or was it merely a coincidence?

To see the full article, click here.


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